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Pope Francis voices out against cancellation of tradition

Pope Francis during his annual address speech to the Vatican Diplomatic Corps on Monday denounced Cancel Culture.

Pope Francis voices out against cancellation of tradition

In the speech, he emphasized the damage that the growing culture is causing to humanity despite its supposed noble intentions that seek to protect diversity.

Cancel culture is known among netizens as the withdrawal of support or directed outrage at popular figures or entities for holding views or performing actions that are not so popular with the enraged dissidents.

A phenomenon that has grown to affect popular and influential figures like Chimamanda Adichie and even J.K Rowling, the author of the popular Harry Potter books recently.

In his speech, the Pope described Cancel Culture as “a form of ideological colonization, one that leaves no room for freedom of expression and is now taking the form of the cancel culture invading many circles and public institutions.”

He then continued to say that it is “invading many circles and public institutions. As a result, agendas are increasingly dictated by a mindset that rejects the natural foundations of humanity and the cultural roots that constitute the identity of many people.”

He admonished people about the dangers of continuing with it and concluded his speech by advocating for diplomacy.

“Diplomacy is called to be truly inclusive, not cancelling but cherishing the differences and sensibilities that have historically marked various peoples” the Pope concluded.

Updated: January 12, 2022 — 12:29 pm

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