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Pastor Lazarous Muoka celebrates God at 19

AS adherents of the Christian faith mark the birth of Jesus Christ, General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka has given hope to the hopeless Christians who are loyal to the church grappling with several multifarious challenges including countless insecurity problems in different parts of the country.

Pastor Lazarous Muoka celebrates God at 19

According to Pastor Muoka who spoke at the 19th anniversary of the church cum a 2-day crusade, titled “Only God Can Do This” held from 25-26, December in Lagos, Jesus Christ is the love and the only hope for those in need, stressing the need for the people to get closer to Him in worship and praise.

The pastor who prayed for freedom from afflictions,  diseases, and other challenges said Lord’s Chosen has made exploits within the last 19 years of its establishment.

“There is something to celebrate after 19 years. At every point in time, we keep on praising and appreciating God. Every Chosen has the cause to thank God for delivering us in times of trouble. God has protected us from all our enemies, temptations, and trials. He saved us from the expectations of those who conspired to distract and destroy us. People said our church can’t last for six months. Up to 70 pastors gathered to pray against us because their members came to receive miracles in the Lord’s Chosen. Even, the occult men and those in various kinds of evil conspired to speak evil against us. But, despite all that, we continued to grow.”

Muoka stated that it was very clear that the Lord’s Chosen is of God, else, it would not have excelled to an extent of having about 300 branches in Lagos State alone.

“We are in all the 36 states of Nigeria, and we have at least 100 branches in each state. In Africa, you find our church everywhere. We are strong in Eastern and Western Europe and Asia, like South Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, etc. We are also in North and South America, as well as the Middle East.”

On the 10 billion souls mandate, Muoka said that efforts are in progress to ensure that is realistic. “The ministry is on course to ensure that the vision and mission are met. Many ritualists, herbalists, occults, armed robbers, and killers have been delivered and converted. God has done wonders in the Lord’s Chosen, He has healed the sick and the afflicted and those in bondage.

“God has a solution to man’s problem in this place. Millionaires and billionaires have been made here. If you are a Chosen, robbers, killers and other evil people do not have power over you. In fact, God has done great things here in the last 19 years, and it is marvelous in our sight. However, it is only God that can do all these for us.”

Assuring that the years ahead will be better than than the past 19 years of the establishment of the church, Muoka maintained that God has positioned himself to do more miracles, signs, and wonders. “More miracles, deliverance, and healings have taken place in the Lord’s Chosen, and many have testified and are still testifying the goodness of God in the church.”

The cleric who narrated how six strange birds on a mission, died on the church’s pulpit recently said that no weapon fashioned against the church and servant of God shall prosper.

“The strange birds had the mission to attack the church of God, but they did not succeed. They all died at the alter. Very soon, we will hear that those who came for that mission, are dead because no one can battle with the Lord,” he said.

He cautioned those going through difficulties and afflictions like stroke, deaf and dumb, barrenness, spiritual problems, diabetes, Insanity, blindness, poverty, high blood pressure, witchcraft, backwardness etc. to seek the face of God at the Lord’s Chosen and be free.

Updated: January 1, 2022 — 4:03 pm

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