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Hizbah publicly denies inviting Miss Nigeria’s parents for questioning after there daugther’s victory

The religious police have denied social media rumors claiming they summoned Miss Nigeria’s parents.

Hizbah publicly denies inviting Miss Nigeria’s parents for questioning after there daugther's victory

Director Aliyu Musa Kibiya

Social media was awash with news about the invitation of the parents of the winning contestant of the Miss Nigeria contest by Kano’s Hizbullah.

The news had claimed that the religious body had perceived the contestant’s participation in pageantry as running afoul of its religious tenets which it intended to question her parents about.

The Director-General of the Hizbah Board Dr. Aliyu Musa Kibiya has now come out to categorically state that the news is false and that the body has not at any point deemed it fit to invite Shatu Barko or even her parents for any questioning whatsoever.

The news he claimed was a mischievous machination of creative minds who wanted to drag the organization into disrepute with the unfounded news.

He explained: “We never at any time issued any instruction inviting her or her parents for questioning. It was deliberate fake news. Hizbullah only preached against the immoral acts of nudity and revealing the forbidden parts of the body of a woman which is sinful”

The body has been known to regulate dressing and behavior in general around Kano and has arrested people on the basis of running afoul of Islamic ideals that it considers against the interest of that Islamic society.

Updated: December 23, 2021 — 5:40 pm

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