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Archbishop Sam Zuga passes out 2022 New Year message to youths, politicians, others in Nigeria

As the world celebrates the start of a New Year today, January 1, 2022, Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga who is the world’s first professor of the digital economy and founder of Samzuga Business Empire Ltd has penned his New Year message to all Nigerian Youths on how to achieve a tremendous financial breakthrough with Zugacoin.

Archbishop Sam Zuga passes out 2022 New Year message to youths, politicians, others in Nigeria

The Cleric known as Jehovah’s Field Marshall had created Zugacoin on December 1, 2020, with the aim of providing ways to help every willing, average Nigerian to have financial liberation and earn a better living.

Through his Social media platforms, Sam Zuga penned his lengthy New Year message.

He wrote: “A Teacher doesn’t teach students what they want to hear, he teaches them what they need to know. I am not going to tell you what you want to hear but I will tell you what you need to know. Take your time to read many times.

Before I go into the message, I want to remind you that, Politicians only think about the next election, State Men always think about the next generation. I am not preparing you for the next meal, I am teaching you how to feed your generation. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu fought for the freedom of South Africans, but they are no more. It is the duty of South Africans to sustain and maintain that freedom. I am only doing what I can do while I am alive, if you refuse to do what you need to do because you have me to mock and complain, one day, you will not see me again to complain, then you will learn how to face reality.

I want to start by saying; the best way to solve a problem is to identify that problem. Everyone says the problem of Nigeria and Africa is poverty, but I identify the problem of Nigeria as Nigerians and Africans as the problem of Africa. I will use this medium to redirect you on how to enjoy the best country Nigeria and the richest continent Africa.

The major problem of Nigerians and Africans is ATTITUDE The way they think, the way they talk and the way they act. Your ATTITUDE will determine your ALTITUDE.

I relocated to Dubai and was doing very well. Got the license to become an importer of gold, got my resident permit and was ready to tour the whole world using my private jet, before I saw what young Nigerians were going through in Dubai and changed my mind to return to Nigeria and create another NIGERIA inside Nigeria.

The vision of Nigeria and African Liberation was given to me on 02/02/2020 by 7am at house no 7, 7th Street, Hamariah area in Dubai. I took a decision to return to Nigeria. I addressed the few young Nigerians in Dubai by 10am on 10/02/2020. I moved to Nigeria and launched this vision at Ribadu square, Jimeta-Yola Adamawa State by 2.00pm on 20/02/2020.

I knew very well that I cannot change the whole of Nigeria because not everyone will believe in me. Therefore, I decided to gather a few Nigerians and teach them a completely new way of life, have our own community where my voice will be the final voice, nobody will argue with me to enable me to release my potentials without hindrance, we will have our own currency and I will bring Dubai in their lives. The same way I saw indigenes in Dubai living in financial freedom at the expense of nonindigenes. That is why I established SAMZUGA FOUNDATION MULTI-PURPOSE COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LTD, also known as SAMZUGA FAMILY, registered it to be operating within the confines of the law. ZUGACOIN was created to be used by only the members of this family for goods and services. Members were supposed to be selling it to nonmembers who may also want to enjoy like members and get cash anytime they need cash That is why ZUGACOIN has mined only 1 Million pieces but with the capacity of taking care of the whole of Africa. This was meant to be possible only through strict obedience to my instructions, not what I am seeing today. That is why ZUGACOIN was given free to registered members according to their registration. I didn’t sell ZUGACOIN ERC20 to anyone till now. I was expecting to control only 1% of the Nigerian population, change them to go, and change others.

Before you score a goal, you must have a goal post. 24 months was our goal post beginning from 1/12/2020 to make ZUGACOIN known and accepted. 5 years was our target to see everyone who believes in my vision in Nigeria and Africa to be financially stable.

When nonmembers started buying from members, misunderstanding of my vision and misinformation set in. People started having misinterpretations and misconceptions which were followed by misconduct. They want ZUGACOIN to be swapped to other Cryptocurrencies but the foundation was not like that. ZUGACOIN BEP20 was later created for people who want cash out, withdrawal to local bank accounts. Pressure still continue till we decided to create manual withdrawal of ZUGACOIN ERC20, pressure didn’t stop, they insisted on automatic withdrawal, we have to go back and drag our brains and come up with a means to achieve automatic withdrawal. All these struggles were to make unbelievers of the vision to see ZUGACOIN as money and start using it for goods and services. After achieving automatic withdrawal, everyone stop selling ZUGACOIN as they have been selling, 98% of ZUGACOIN holders come and settled for withdrawal and forgot about the spread of ZUGACOIN which is the only way that can give them the financial freedom they are looking for. At the time of this publication, many people are confused except me. At this point, I want you to obey the following instructions strictly for your own good.

Stop thinking, talking, and acting evil against ZUGACOIN. Start thinking, talking and acting well about ZUGACOIN.
Know that the ZUGACOIN project is a success already. Stop forcing me to see problems in ZUGACOIN the same way you are seeing it. Stop bringing suggestions because I started the journey and know where I am going, you just relax and enjoy yourself. When you notice a glitch, report immediately, don’t take advantage of it.
Understand that ZUGACOIN ERC20 is a unique product that is incomparable to any other Cryptocurrency. It is the first 3 in1 Cryptocurrency in the world. (A) you can use to buy things.( B) you can keep it as a commodity or property to appreciate and sell it for cash.( C) you can withdraw it to your local bank account when you need cash. ZUGACOIN ERC20 is not for trading, it will keep growing in value until it will reach 1 billion dollars and above. This is the only project that can liberate Africa.
ZUGACOIN BEP20 is like any other Cryptocurrency. It can grow in value when people are buying it, it will drop or dip when many people are withdrawing or selling off. This is purely for trading.
Green ZUGACOIN is for investors who want their money to grow and will use it in the future. It is tradeable as soon as it is released to private wallets It is supported by the United Nations climate change program.

Many pieces of training will take place to let you understand the workings of this project. You will be told what to do from time to time.

In conclusion, 2022 is our year of Stability and rest. You shall be winning without a sweat. Think of 7 things. Write down the 7 things that you want God to do for you through ZUGACOIN and place on the wall in your bedroom. Say them out every morning before going out and say them out before sleeping every day. Take steps towards achieving those 7 things every single day. Many of them will happen before the 7th month of the year. This is my secret of success since 2005.


Welcome to your year of Stability and rest, you shall be winning without sweat.

Happy New Year

Archbishop Prof Sam Zuga.”

Updated: January 1, 2022 — 3:37 pm

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