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APFAC festival is nurturing socio-economic advancement in the country

Afrika Peace Festival of Arts and Culture, APFAC, in collaboration with Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Access bank PLC, held a cultural event that showcased some of the country’s cultural endowment at the Glover Hall, Lagos.

During the event anchored by artist and theatre producer, Otunba Mufu Onifade FSNA; and sensational Nollywood actress, Tina Mba, Crown Troupe of Africa’s performance shook the entire Glover Hall.

APFAC festival is nurturing socio-economic advancement in the country

The musical drama revisited Nigeria’s woes beginning from 1914 at the time of the Amalgamation and traveled down to the present day.

The artistic trip showcased the sad reality of a 61-yeard-old country still struggling to find its feet amidst huge natural endowments. As presented by the actors, Nigeria is blessed with natural resources but lacks patriotic ‘heads’ to manage them.

Clad in green and white costumes; the national colors, the troupe theatrically imagined how the country with large deposits of crude, imports petroleum products due to lack of refinery.

They also bemoaned how Nigeria has continued to fail as a country of consumers; another major reason for its economic woes. In all, the show was super entertaining while at the same time, indicating the political elite for plunging Nigeria into its present sorry state.

There was also a special showcase of ‘ITAN’ The Story’, written and directed by Ayo Jaiyesimi, and a musical presentation by The Oghene Boys. Also, the Atilogwu Dance Troupe performed their usual electrifying and energetic moves during the show, luring the audience into joining in the scintillating dance performance.

While the event doubled as an occasion to display a piece of the cultural extravaganza to expect when APFAC hosts the world in June 2022 in the US, it didn’t fall short of showcasing how talented Nigerians are.

Dizzy Mbata, a freestyle rapper, gave guests reasons to be grateful for leaving every other engagement to be at the show.

He rapped for more than 30 minutes nonstop, employing anyone in the audience and any movement that caught his attention. If not, how professional he was, he would have fluffed due to thunderous applause and shouts of ‘wow’ that intermittently greeted his amazing performance.

Welcoming guests earlier at the event, HRH Princess Moradeun Ogunlana who is founder and CEO of African Women’s Health Project In’t (AWHPI) Global Foundation, USA, disclosed that the Afrika Peace Festival of Arts and Culture is an initiative of the United States of Afrika Peace Festival of Arts and Culture conceived in 2013 and officially registered with the State of Georgia in 2019.

APFAC according to her, is envisaged to be both a local and international Pan African Festival of Arts and Culture for comprehensive evaluation of the socio-economic, political, and intellectual development of Pan African youths in the 21st Century.

The event, therefore, focuses on youth development and young Nigerians in the creative industry who will be allowed to participate in the competition.

Princess Ogunlana further noted that the festival “Is also aimed at fostering social and economic advancement of Pan-Africanism”, adding that “Proceeds from the festival will be channeled towards sustainable community programs for home and abroad African communities.

In his presentation titled, ‘The Challenges and Opportunities of a Pan-African Art and Culture, the Chairman Festival Planning Committee, Dr. Tunde Awosanmi, interrogated the basic effectiveness of perceptibility index of past and current approaches to art and culture tourism as a framework for attaining a peaceful society.

According to him, “A people’s composite wealth is pre-conditioned by development. Among continents with pronounced territories of developmental angst, Africa’s perceptibility has earned it many intriguing pejorative sobriquets among which are “late development”, “arrested development”.

He added that “While this is indexical of colonialism’s hangover, it equally makes new models of developmental advocacy such as “tour-partnership imperative. Africa as a continent is eminently in desperate need of this kind of intervention legacy which APFAC is desirous of bequeathing to the continent. Art/culture/tourism as inter-related, joint and composite concepts, ideas and practices, are ‘soft peace research’ approaches with development as the cardinal philosophy”.

Updated: December 27, 2021 — 12:35 pm

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